Presentation: Efros-Shklovskii Gap without disorder

At the APS March Meeting 2015 I presented recent work on the Efros-Shklovskii Gap without disorder.


Abstract: Certain models of frustrated electron systems have been shown to self-generate glassy behavior, in the absence of disorder. Possible candidate materials contain quarter-filled triangular lattices with long-range Coulomb interactions, as found in the θ-family of organic BEDT-TTF crystals. In disordered insulators with localized electronic states, the so-called Coulomb glass, the single particle excitation spectrum displays the well-known Efros-Shklovskii gap. The same excitation spectrum is investigated in a class of models that display self-generated electronic glassiness, showing pseudogap formation related to the Efros-Shklovskii Coulomb gap. Our study suggests universal characteristics of all electron glasses, regardless of disorder.

Download the presentation here (pdf, 5.4 MB).

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