arXiv preprint: Glassy dynamics in geometrically frustrated Coulomb liquids without disorder

Title: Glassy dynamics in geometrically frustrated Coulomb liquids without disorder


Abstract: We show that introducing long-range Coulomb interactions immediately lifts the massive ground state degeneracy induced by geometric frustration for electrons on quarter-filled triangular lattices in the classical limit. Important consequences include the stabilization of a stripe-ordered crystalline (global) ground state, but also the emergence of very many low-lying metastable states with amorphous “stripe-glass” spatial structures. Melting of the stripe order thus leads to a frustrated Coulomb liquid at intermediate temperatures, showing remarkably slow (viscous) dynamics, with very long relaxation times growing in Arrhenius fashion upon cooling, as typical of strong glass formers. On shorter time scales, the system falls out of equilibrium and displays the aging phenomena characteristic of supercooled liquids above the glass transition. Our results show remarkable similarity with the recent observations of charge-glass behavior in ultra-clean triangular organic materials of the θ-(BEDT-TTF)2 family.

Reference: Samiyeh Mahmoudian, Louk Rademaker, Arnaud Ralko, Simone Fratini, Vladimir Dobrosavljevic; arXiv:1412.4441 (2014).

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