Physics@FOM Veldhoven 2010 / Lorentz Workshop April 2011 Poster

At the Physics@FOM Veldhoven 2010 (January 19, 2010) conference I presented a poster with the title “How a Neutral and Massless Superfluid can still exhibit Flux Quantization” (pdf, 2.8 MB).

Image: In concentric bilayers a supercurrent of excitons will exhibit a quantization of the flux in between the two cylinders. The magnetic field lines are shown in red. (Figure made by Jeroen Huijben.)

Update, March 12, 2010: Recently we found that the results, as presented in Veldhoven, were not completely correct. Flux quantization does appear in exciton double layers, however, the trapped flux must be a multiple of $latex \frac{h}{e} \chi_m$ where $latex \chi_m$ is the diamagnetic susceptibility of the exciton double layer.

Update, April 4, 2011: At the Lorentz workshop ‘100th Anniversary of Superconductivity’ I presented a corrected version of the poster. The results have by now been peer-reviewed and published in PRB. On this website I replaced the incorrect old version with the new correct version!

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