Presentation at Casimir Spring School 2010

Last week at the Casimir Spring School 2010 I was invited to give a talk on my work on ‘Flux Quantization in Double Layer Exciton Superfluids’. With this talk I was awarded the prize for best oral presentation! 🙂 You can download the presentation here in Powerpoint-format. Note that this talk is intended for general physics PhD-audiences. A more theoretical talk can be found here.

TitleFlux Quantization in Double Layer Exciton Superfluids (pptx, 7.5 MB)
Abstract: We predict an unconventional magnetic flux quantization effect to occur in double layer exciton superfluids and we discuss designs for a device to measure this universal electromagnetic signature of the exciton superfluid. This would provide an unambiguous test for the macroscopic phase coherence associated with an exciton Bose-Einstein Condensate.

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